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You must bring typical British food souvenirs

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You must bring typical British food souvenirs

Traveling abroad is the dream of many people. Starting from visiting tourist attractions to looking for unique culinary delights there. Moreover, each country has its own characteristics. One of them is in England. Typical British food souvenirs themselves have many unique qualities. Not all countries have it, especially when it comes to snacks. This type of food has a different shape and taste so it is suitable for use as a typical British souvenir.

1. Walkers Snacks

You could say that this type of snack can be found in Indonesia. Walkers themselves are snacks made from potatoes and processed into chips. You could say Walkers are the British version of Lays potato chips. However, the tone is different from the presentation of the taste. You could say that the type of taste that exists in England does not yet exist in Indonesia.

For this reason, this snack can be brought as a souvenir. Some flavors to choose from are beef and onion, Worcester sauce, pickled onion, prawn cocktail, and the most favorite flavor to try is marmite.

2. Barrat Shrimps and Bananas Snack

If you look at the meaning, the name of this snack means shrimp and banana, even though this snack is different from what you might expect. Barrat shrimps and bananas are jelly candies that come in yellow and pink colors. As for the taste itself, there are banana and raspberry flavors.

Its strange name and unique shape can be taken as a typical British food souvenir. Moreover, if you give it to your nephew or younger sibling, it will definitely be suitable.

3. Monster Munch Snacks

This type of food can be said to be very famous in England. The snack called Monster Munch is made from crunchy corn topped with cheese. The shape itself is quite unique, namely forming palms and claws with a mini size. In the middle there is a round hole. Some people call it a ghost snack. Packaged in attractive and varied colors, this snack is popular with many people, especially children.

4. Parsley Pie and Beer Food

Another specialty that can only be found in England is Parsley Pie and Beer. This dish is actually a typical London food. At the beginning, this food was made from eel. However, as time goes by and culinary innovations become increasingly innovative, this Parsley Pie and Beer has been modified to use beef. If you’re looking for breakfast or an appetizer, Pie and Parsley Beer is a must-try.

This pie is best served with a green beer called parsley. Don’t worry, this beer is non-alcoholic and functions as a body warmer.

5. Yorkshire Pudding Food

If you imagine the visual of pudding in Indonesia, you are definitely wrong. While in Indonesia pudding tends to have a sweet taste, in England pudding is made using meat and vegetables which is eaten with sauce.

The name Yorkshire is taken from the area where this menu appears. This food will usually be served with the main menu you order. The main ingredients of this pudding are wheat flour, eggs, milk and water which are then baked in a furnace and click here.

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